This $5 Hack To Keep Fruit Fresh Longer Is A Total Game Changer

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This changes everything. 

It’s a pretty familiar scenario: you decide to buy fruit ‘cause you’re on a health kick. It’s fresh, so are your hopes and dreams but next thing you know... your berries and broccoli are headed to the garbage and you’re farewelling recent-but-pricey produce. 

If you’re sick and tired of throwing away your precious fruit (and cash), then this is the perfect hack for you. 

A genius mum named Cassie posted her amazing find on Facebook, describing how the Sistema FreshWorks container had worked wonders on keeping her fruit fresh for longer:

"It keeps them fresh/crisp and they don't seem to go mushy or old (or furry like I've had with my blueberries when they've stayed in their punnets," she said. 

The reason? The Sistema container comes with a built-in air filter and elevated tray to prevent moisture, which means your fruit and veggies will be more resilient.

The container - which only costs five buckeroonies, yowza - is available in three convenient sizes at Big W for all your fresh food needs.

Cheap prices, fresher food and happy tums; what more can you ask for?

Image: Big W


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