5 Things You Absolutely Need at Your Next BBQ to Keep the Kids (& Big Kids) Entertained!

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Ahhh BBQ’s, a great way to spend time with peeps & scoff down delicious food. But, now that you’ve got the food and company sorted ..what should you do after? See below some inspo for your next BBQ party!

Food fights!

Nothing like a bit of sauce in the eye to get you going (jk). There IS such a thing as a condiment gun though, crank these bad boys out and start the BIGGEST food war

Drink, drink, drink, drink

Bucket Ball, Three man or King’s Cup anyone? 


While you’re waiting for the food to cook, why not suggest a game of rugby or footy or even Twister?

Rent a Bouncy Castle

Because who doesn’t want one? Something for the kids and big kids at heart! What if it’s raining? You can still do all the above (besides the bouncy castle of course)! But we suggest you take a look at the Mens Gift Store. They have ALL THE THINGS to prep you for your next BBQ party.

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