Achieve Peak Adult With This Voice-Activated Robot That Vacuums AND Mops Your Floor

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It’s a need not a want.

Welcome to 2019, folks. 

Robot house slaves are no longer a thing of sci-fi films and The Jetsons - you, yes you, dear reader, can have your very own cleaning bot. 

The good folks at Ecovacs Robotics have solved the time-old pain of needing to both vacuum AND mop your floors to achieve maximum adult-level cleanliness.

This hot little number does both for you, while you catch up on all the important things like binge-watching Season 3 of The Handmaid's Tale and catching up on much-needed you time. 

Without further ado, it’s our pleasure to introduce Ecovacs Robotics’ DEEBOT 710 aka your new best friend.

You can call it Deebot for short, whatever just ‘feels’ right for it - you decide. 

Similar vacuums have been on the market for some time, but honestly, who the heck is happy to fork out upwards of $800 for a cleaning apparatus? That is like... a LOT of shoes. 

But thanks to eBay for supporting our super-savviness (and bank balance) the bot is priced at $499. 

The best part though? You can instruct the robo-cleaner via your Google Home, Amazon Alexa, or its own app so there’s literally no need to get off the couch. 

You can legit yell at it to clean your house, and unlike your children/partner/pet, it will actually do it immediately. 

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The Deebot will follow instructions on where to clean or automatically create a cleaning path for itself using anti-collision sensors so your furniture is safe from dings and scratches. 

The little genius will also return to its dock when the battery is running low, or when your floors are good enough to eat off. 

Long story short, our lower backs are overjoyed this is now a thing.

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