Aldi’s Serving Up American Favourites In This Week’s Special Buys

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Just in time for 4 July. 

There’s nothing better than gorging on the delicious, salt-n-sugar heavy treats America has to offer. 

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Everyone remembers their first Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, and it was every Aussie kid's dream to try Pop Tarts or Twinkies. 

Well prepare your stomachs, ‘cause Aldi are slinging a huge range of pure ‘Merican food in this week’s special buys. 

And forget 4 July - Stranger Things Season 3 is coming out this week, and while Aldi isn’t stocking Eggos, some ‘Mercan snacks will go down a treat while we binge the entire thing. 

Aldi has stocked up on American sauces like Frank’s Red Hot Sauce and Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce *drool* and of course all the Hersey’s are there, from peanut butter cups to their Cookie’s N Cream blocks. 

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There’s Pop Tarts for kids big and small for just $3.99, and giant marshmallows so you can make the smores of your dreams.

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Check out the Aldi catalogue for the full range of American goodies. 


Tangerine Espresso Martini


Written By Brynn Davies

Honey, how do you feel about rollercoasters?


Food, glorious food. 

Just in time for Christmas.