Everyone's Obsessed With This $89 Coffee Machine From Kmart

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And we don’t blame them. 

Kmart, you never fail to disappoint us. 

Today is no exception. An $89 espresso machine from Kmart has shocked us all by smashing a $949 competitor in taste and consistency of coffee.

This isn't just a decision from us (even though we have an borderline unhealthy obsession with the chain), this is from Australian consumer advocacy group, CHOICE. So you know it’s legit.

The group pulled together 34 different coffee machines looking at their style, ease of use, taste and price. Kmart ended up taking the cake.

The organisation wrote:

"The overall score we gave the Kmart Anko Espresso Coffee Machine is not far off (and in some cases higher than) the scores we've given to machines that are significantly more expensive.

"Alongside pluses for good looks, taste and consistency of temperature, this machine does have its shortcomings and is not going to be the most solid appliance in your kitchen.

"In a blind taste test by our coffee taste testers (who are all professional baristas and industry experts), the Kmart machine received a score of 70 per cent on the taste test."

The DeLonghi La Specialista which will set you back $949 scored just 65 per cent. 

That's another win for one of our favourite chains. 


Fitzy and Wippa caught up with Denise Richards:

Written By Christina Cavaleri