'Front Wedgie' Swimsuit Causing An Absolute Ruckus Online

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Goodness me.

We've seen a lot of crazy swimsuits in our time.

The 'backwards seat belt', 'invisible' bikini and even 'censor strip' had us guffawing at our screen.

But it turns out the craziest was yet to come.

Introducing: The Flosser (named for reasons that will soon become apparent). 

The 'Wild Ride Sheer Mesh High Neck Long Sleeve Bodysuit In Leopard Print' - *gasps for air* - rings in at £30 or $53 Aussie dollars from Oh Polly. The price tag feels like a lot considering they seriously scrimped on fabric in a few key areas but who are we to judge?

Comments on Instagram oscillate wildly between fire emojis - a non-committal emoji if we can continue this judgey-wudgey beat - and concerns over safely maintaining thy humble genitals.

"If you want your vanny hanging out then have this," one person wrote.

"My lips couldn’t fit in this," said another.

"Wheres my coochie meant to go?" added a third.

And our personal fave, "might get this, air my flaps."

As for our overall reaction? We think the below sums it up pretty well:

That's enough Instagram for today.

Image: Oh Polly

Written By Ally Parker