Here are the weirdest places people have admitted to having sex

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Bathrooms and parking lots seem to come up a LOT...

Look, sex is an act that naturally happens between human beings, there's no waving around that little fact.

But as for where people have had sex, well, that's a different thing altogether.

Danish photographer Andreas Hvid (via VICE) recently caused a stir when he released a video and some photos of himself and a woman, uh, making the beast with two backs on top of a pyramid.

Never mind all the questions about the dust and stone rash, people were more curious as to whether it is all legit and Andreas actually hiked up to the peak of a pyramid for the sake of some sexy times or if this is all just an elaborate fake out.

This whole joing the Nile high club got us thinking, where are the weirdest places people have admitted to having sex?

It is a serious question of the utmost importance so we decided to scour the internet for the answer.

And thanks to some folks on Reddit - especially the Askreddit subreddit - and a video from Cut, we now have an idea about some of the strange places decided to get their sexy on.

Brace yourselves because this is gonna get steamy (and weird).

A private bus

"A private bus that was rented by the girl and her friends. They were all inside partying and the bus was empty so we figured why not."

A movie theatre (and front row no less)

"Front row of the movie theater before my senior year in high school."

A playground (with no children around, thank god) 

"Swing, in an empty playground."

Do you wanna... park?

"Target parking lot. I like to keep things classy."

Not in front of Jesus...

"On the hood of the car in a church parking lot. We were definitely watched, but not by any.. corporeal bystanders."

Hopefully it also wasn't with family

"Family reunion."

Go for the burgers, stay for the, uh, extras

"Burger King bathroom."

Aaaand another movie theatre (and bathroom)

"I lost my virginity on Easter in the front row of a movie theater. Have also had sex in a bathroom at a gas station that was in a bad part of town."

Sorry, officer

"Back of a car next to my house in the alley in front of my police officer neighbour's house as he was coming home."

As long as you stayed quiet

"Public library."

Hope no one got seasick

"Floating canoe."

Talk about an icebreaker

"A Disney Princesses on Ice show. Found an empty dining room only used for bigger events. The table clothes were a nice touch, thanks empty dining room."

And then there's this video: 

Image Credit: Caiaimage/Paul Bradbury/Getty Images


We just ‘ADORE’ having Amy Shark in Nova’s Red Room. Check it out below, it’s a lot better than our pun.

Written By Alexander Pan