KFC Has Clad A Chicken Burger In Donut ‘Buns’ ‘Cause Life Is Short

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And tasty. 

But what if seizing the day  or, in this case, seizing the KFC burger, is guaranteed to make your life shorter? Do you still seize it? 

You damn well bet you do because Kentucky Fried chicken sandwiched between two glazed donuts doesn’t come around every day. 

But that’s exactly what KFC in the United States has gone and done. Yes, they’ve revealed they’re testing a chicken sandwich where the buns are donuts.

Is it disgusting? You bet. Am I outraged? So much so. Am I salivating just looking at a picture of this diabetes-infused, deep fried, greasy abomination? YES. 

But that’s not all - the colonel is launching an entire menu of meals featuring a happy pairing of chooks and donuts. 

The menu also includes a basket of chicken tenders/chicken on the bone with one or two donuts on the side. Because fries are overrated, apparently. 

Catch up on the latest Fitzy & Wippa podcast: 

The creatively called “chicken and doughnuts” menu is available in some 40 American locations. 

No, Australia is not an American location.


A press release announcing the new menu items explained that KFC was running the food test to see if the American market was “craving chicken and doughnuts on a national scale.”

I don’t know about a national scale, but I’m craving them on a pretty personal scale, 

@KFC, answer my dirty (bird) dreams please. 

Images: KFC Giphy / Giphy. 

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Written By Krisinda Merhi

Who knew? 

Well, fork. 


Turns out it's not as cleansing as we thought.