Macca’s Is Bringing Back Their Greatest McFlurry Ever

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Here’s how to get one before they reach stores. 


Ladies and gents, we suggest you take a seat. We’re about to give you earth-shattering news. 

McDonald’s all-time bestest, most-delicious McFlurry ever (don’t even try @ us) is coming back to stores on 10 July. 

Without further ado we present to you - the Apple Pie McFlurry:

interested mouth watering GIF

Yes, it’s even better than the Oreo McFlurry. 

It’s a Macca’s apple pie *drool* smashed into a soft serve and drizzled in caramel sauce. 

You’ve gotta wait to get your mitts on one of these decadent desserts until 10 July when they hit McDonald’s stores. 

But we got the inside scoop, so to speak, on where to get one right bloody now. 

everybody loves raymond listening GIF by HULU

They’ll be exclusively available via the Uber Eats app from 3 July until Tuesday 9 July. 

You’re welcome. 


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