Order from McDelivery To Get Your Hands On Their Limited Edition Apparel Line For Free

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Guess we’re staying in tonight. 

Stop scrolling right now ‘cause McDonald’s is releasing a new line of clothes and accessories, and it’s only available this Thursday night aka September 19.

To celebrate their newly coined McDelivery Night In, Macca’s wants us to have a night-in, play an episode of whatever you’re binge-watching at the moment, order anything off the menu, and they’ll throw in a limited edition item FOR FREE.

For reals. 

The unique line of comfortable, cosy items to enjoy at home, includes: 

  • McDelivery Melty Cheese T-Shirt 
  • McDelivery Melty Cheese Socks  
  • McDelivery Sesame Seed Fuzzy Socks 
  • McDelivery Fleece Shorts 
  • McDelivery Fleece Pants 
  • McDelivery Slippers 
  • McDelivery Big Mac/ Fry Socks 
  • McDelivery Playing Cards 
  • McDelivery Earbuds

Ooh la la. 

Regarding the new clothing line, Jo Feeney, Director of Marketing at McDonald’s Australia says, 

“Through McDelivery (via Uber Eats) we’re bringing Macca’s food to more customers than ever before. Global “McDelivery Night In” is a celebration of how you can enjoy your favourite Macca’s without having to go anywhere or change out of your comfy clothes.”

To get your hands on this limited edition Macca’s threads, all you have to do is order McDelivery with Uber Eats from a participating McDonald’s to receive an item from the McDelivery Night In line on September 19, starting at 5 pm, while supplies last. 

For more information on McDelivery Night In and how to some extra comfy duds, visit https://mcdonalds.com.au/mcdelivery.

Image: McDonald's


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