People are going nuts for this $59 chair and it's from the place you'd least suspect

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Reject Shop chair

It's not Kmart OR Aldi!

Let's be honest, Kmart and Aldi have been our go-to places for furniture for a while now, but it seems there's a new kid on the block – the Reject Shop!

The Scandinavian style chair first appeared on the store's Instagram account two days ago with the caption reading:

"HOLD THE PHONE! A little birdy has informed us that this gorgeous scandi-look chair is coming to our stores VERY soon at a VERY good price! Stay tuned..."

Compared to most of the retailer's posts which get a few hundred likes at most, this one racked up a over 2,000 likes and a huge amount of comments as well.

One user wrote, "Oh my goddddd! Want!" Another simply added, "Neeeeeeeed!!!" Someone else wrote, "Hope you have a lot of them ready for us all!!!!"

Many others questioned if they could pre-order the chair, while someone else joked, "I think all a retailer has to do now is put the word ‘scandi’ in front of any random item and people will lose their minds."

A spokeswoman from The Reject Shop has spoken to News Corp, revealing the chair is $59 and will be available from March 15. 

In case you're wondering, the brand has a bunch of other things that might also catch your eye, including these tables:

They've even got a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree!

BRB finding my closest Reject Shop...

Image: Reject Shop via Instagram


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