PSA: You Can Score Flights To Thailand For Just $300 RN

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Thailand Phi-Phi island, Krabi Province, Getty Images

We’ve already booked our leave, have you?

Everyone and their mate is currently experiencing one of two things. Either they’re on vacay in sunny Europe or they’re stuck with us plebs in flu-infested, cold and rainyAustralia. 

If you’re in the second camp, look no further ‘cause Scoot is coming through with ah-mazing deals which means you can fly to Phuket for $307 return. Winter? Hardly know her. 

Travel website Scoot is having a massive sale on tropical destinations just begging to be seen and posted on Insta. Think #travelgram #summer #vacay2019 #notineurope #wanderlust

The airline's sale ranges from Greece, Philippines, Indonesia, as well as destinations in Australia.

This means you can fly to Greece for less than $500 buckaroonies or nearby Melbs for less than $200. 

Imagine, you could head to the crystal clear shores of Philippines or be sipping coconuts by the beach in sunny Indonesia.

All flights are between August and September 2019, but some flights may only be available for a shorter period of time.

Hurry and click click click ‘cause these prices won’t last long. 

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Written By Izzy Cuyuca

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