Consuming These Two Things Is Scientifically Proven To Cure A Hangover

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Here's how to avoid the dreaded hangover next time you have a big night. 

Let's be honest, we've all been there before - we had an amazingly fun night, but woken up with the headache from hell.

Thankfully for you, physiologist in the Department of Neuroscience at the University of Wisconsin–Madison Medical School, Kevin Strang, PhD., spoke to Buzzfeed and revealed the two things that are scientifically best for your hangover.


Strang says you shouldn't just chug water because the alcohol in your system blocks a hormone that tells your kidneys how much water you should lose when you pee, so it'll basically just pass straight through.

What you really need to beat the hangover is a - are you ready for it? - sports drink and chicken noodle soup either pre or post-hangover.


These two things are able to deliver much-needed salt, sugar and water to the system.

Strang explained that dehydration and low blood sugar is what makes you feel so terrible. The liver is unable to give you the glucose you need because it's too busy detoxifying the alcohol.

To kick the hangover, you need salts and sugars - which you get from the sports drink, while the soup delivers salt and B vitamins - which is found in meat and in chicken broth. And if you're a vegetarian, miso soup is a good alternative.


The salt makes it possible for the kidneys to absorb water and the sugar helps the liver which can't create its own glucose.

Strang says that the same enzyme that your liver uses to detox the body of alcohol is the same one that produces the glucose you need "so B vitamins will increase the availability of that enzyme and it’ll help you with the detox process and with your blood sugar."

And there you have it, go forth and use your new-found scientific knowledge.


Written By Marni Dixit

Who knew? 

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Turns out it's not as cleansing as we thought.