We've found the healthiest 3pm snacks

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Together with Atkins Nutritionals, we've got your 3pm snack sorted.

Whether you’re at work or at home, 3pm is around the time those hunger pangs kick in. Your morning coffee has started to wear off but you’re reluctant to give in to that sugar craving. Snacking on sugar and carb-y treats will only lead to a crash later on.

Top up your energy levels and feed your mind, body and soul. We’ve found the healthiest 3pm treats that’ll tide you over until dinner...

No list of healthy snacks would be complete without old faithful: carrots and hummus. Sturdy, healthy and totally vegan, hummus is free of gluten and dairy. Carrots offer a satisfying crunch and are one of the cheaper vegetable treats to buy. If you’re feeling green, substitute the carrot for apple or celery sticks.

Spread some natural peanut butter on a celery stick. Easy, fun and damn healthy.

Avocado: nature’s butter. Slice it up and pop it over a cracker. Mash it up and mix it with some tomatoes and coriander. Up your vegetable intake and use carrots or celery as dipping sticks.


If you’re trying to keep off the carbs but are keen on a bit of a sugar hit, bite into a guilt-free Atkins bar. Their entire range is low carb, low sugar and high in protein (containing at least 16 grams per 60-gram bar). 

Finally, why not prep for the week and make some protein balls at home. If you make them yourself, you can keep note of exactly what goes in and adapt the recipe to suit your own personal taste.

Produced in partnership with Atkins Nutritionals. Be sure to follow them on Instagram for more great healthy lifestyle reciples and tips.We're LOVING the look of this Buddha bowl (#lunchgoals)....


Written By Rebecca O'Malley