‘Wisdom Tooth’ Is The New Ideal Body Shape And It Looks Painful AF

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Yeah nah. 

Forget the apple and the pear - celebs have steered us in a new dental direction when it comes to the ‘ideal’ body shape. 

Now, that weird tiny-waist-giant-hips-and-butt look has a name. 

Introducing the newest craze to fuel your insecurities: the wisdom tooth. 

We’ve seen celebs rockin’ this bod a lot more over the last few years. The premise behind the look is a tiny waist and uber-thin legs, to offset wide hips and large buttocks. 

So, basically any of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, for reference. 

Celebs like Blac Chyna have been splashing this extreme version of the hourglass figure all over socials, although her crazy shape has been met with more mirth than support: 

Keep in mind: these celebs have trainer and dieticians ruling their bodies, not to mention enhancing themselves with plastic surgery, photoshop, sculpting clothing and more.

For the rest of us mere mortals, there's only so far tilting your pelvis back and sticking your boobs out will get you.

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