Woolies Is Shaking Up Their BYO Bag System Again, Just To Confuse Us All

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We just got used to the canvas bags! 

It's been a little while since Australian supermarkets got rid of single use plastic bags and we still haven't fully adjusted. 

Just this week, we've gone to the shops, got halfway through our shopping and realised we forgot our reusable canvas bags AGAIN (it's a very frequent occurrence). 

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Luckily, Woolworths and Coles both offer plastic bags for purchase - not great for the environment, but good for our disorganised selves.

But, Woolies has announced their shaking up their bag system again which is, honestly, just stressful. 

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The supermarket giant has rolled out paper bags at selected stores as an alternative to plastic reusable ones. 

“The vast majority of our customers bring their own bags to shop, but we know there are occasions when they forget or visit our stores unplanned,” a Woolworths spokeswoman told news.com.au.

“Some customers have told us they would like the option of a paper bag when this happens.

“We’re trialling paper bags in around 20 stores to test customer demand and will closely monitor feedback as we do.”

The bags are being sold for 20 cents each - five cents more expensive than their plastic counterparts - and are not only reusable but recyclable. 

It's another step forward in the quest to save the environment but there's something that doesn't quite add up: if plastic is bad, and paper is good then why didn't Woolies just replace their free plastic bags with free paper bags from the start?

Why do we have to PAY for a bag that could've been introduced without inconveniencing us? 

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While paper is better for the environment, not all customers are on board with the change. Some have pointed out that paper bags don't hold up well in wet weather which means some people are in for a fun time.

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Written By Krisinda Merhi

Who knew? 

Well, fork. 


Turns out it's not as cleansing as we thought.