The World’s First Drive-Thru Only KFC Is Coming To Australia

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Prepare thyself. 

There are lots of things that make the world a better place, like dogs and chocolate and rainbows. 

You know what else makes the world better? Fried chicken. Specifically, Kentucky fried. Specifically, KFC. 

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Well, the world of KFC chicken is about to get a whole lot better because the first drive-thru only KFC Store is coming to Australia. Because apparently we don’t have enough reason to love the colonel. 

The store will be launching in (drum roll) Newcastle, NSW. 

Soz to the other states, but if you want to try out this ~boutique~ experience, you’re gonna have to travel for it. 

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The store will open for trial in November and will allow customers to order their food from the comfort of their own home/friend’s home/library/parked car/wherever they like on the KFC app  or website before picking it up at the store’s main window. 

The reason for opening up a drive-thru only KFC? Us. 

KFC chief marketing officer Kirsti Woolrych told that more and more people have started ordering food online over the years. 

“What that shows is people are looking for faster, easier, and more convenient options, and the drive-through only format gives us the opportunity to connect with what is a faster and more seamless ordering experience with a faster and more seamless collect experience,” she said.

According to, this new KFC will have five drive-thru lanes so queuing won’t be a problem. 

Two of the five lanes will be the traditional order and pay style for anyone feeling like some spontaneous fried chicken. 

Check out pictures of the concept store here.

If all goes well in Newcastle, you can bet your hungry grease loving selves that similar stores will be opening around Australia. 

colonel sanders dancing GIF by KFC Australia

Images: KFC / Instagram, Giphy / Giphy. 

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Written By Krisinda Merhi