Your Biggest Insecurity Based On Your Star Sign

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Amanda Seyfried

Is this true for you?



You can’t help but be moody, but you also know that it’s annoying to other people which makes you feel insecure. Next time you feel yourself getting moody, try and think positive


Everybody leaves

You think people are always going to leave. It’s happened to you in the past and you think it’s going to keep happening which then makes you a little possessive and stubborn so you need to learn to relax a little and loosen the reigns.


What people like about me

You always worry about what people think of you and you think too much about it. How about trying to make yourself happy? Don’t worry so much about other people!


Control Issues

You’ve got control issues my friend, you always want everything to go your way sometimes you go a little over-the-top in trying to make it happen and this can occasionally be annoying for others. Sometimes you’ve just got to let things happen – not everything is under your control. 


Not good enough

You are always worrying that you’re not doing everything well enough. You’re an overachiever and you constantly think you’re not worth it or you’re not good enough. In reality if you put in the effort, good things will come, just believe in yourself.



You are constantly questioning everything you do, you’re your worst critic and you have a lot of self-doubt. This judgement sometimes carries over to friends and family. Just be confident in yourself and don’t be so hard on everyone else.


People won't like me

You are often worried that people won’t like you, the last thing you’d ever want was to upset someone – especially if it meant that they would dislike you. Stand up for yourself and don’t be afraid of confrontation just because you’re worried you might not necessarily be well liked.



You find it really hard to trust people and often don’t believe a word people say to you. Just remember that whether this trait be applied to a romantic relationship or a friendship, it’s likely things will turn sour unless you learn to trust.


centre of attention

You love being the centre of attention, so you hate feeling like you’re being ignored. You need to learn to relax, you can’t always be the centre of attention, let someone else shine every once in a while.


Hate being wrong

You often worry people will think your dumb so you try to be right ALL the time. You believe that if everyone thinks you’re right all the time, they’ll think you’re really smart. But let’s be honest, no one really likes a know-it-all so just relax and know it’s OK to be wrong every now and then.


I'm fine

You’re insecure about your sensitivity, you never let people know how you feel deep down, but it’s time to make those feelings heard!



You think you’re always going to disappoint people and don’t think you can make someone truly happy. This can be very draining, so just do your best, don’t feel like you need to go over-the-top all the time!

Written By Marni Dixit